Best of lesbian BDSM movies: Bad ServantServant Dia fails to…

Best of lesbian BDSM movies: Bad Servant

Servant Dia fails to pour Maitresse Madeline’s tea properly and receives harsh sexual punishment including a severe caning.  She must satisfy her superior by licking pussy and ass while Madeline orgasms on her face.  Dia’s second chance to prove she is a worthy servant is shattered when she completely fucks up taking dictation…

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Safe Words

How can you use a Safe Word when you are gagged?

You can blink, give signs with your eyes. (Often done in the porn industry)

You can still make sounds. A series of grunts in a certain pattern.will do.(Often done in the porn industry)

You can tap out, or snap with your fingers.

That’s only some ideas. Important is that you use a “Safe Word” “Safe Code”.

Talk to your Dom/me about a code.

It’s not about trust, it’s about safety. What if you loose feeling in a limb, start to panic, get a cramp or worse?

On the other hand, the Dom/me should not wait for a Safe Word. The Dom/me has responsibility, s/he has to be aware of the emotional states and physical health of the sub. Sometimes when a sub is highly aroused and in subspace trance it is possible that she can no longer judge when enough is enough. In that case it’s up to the Dom/me to end the session!

Last tip: keep it simple. If you need to think longer than 3 seconds what the hell your Safe Word was… it will not do. ;) If you are a beginner, use the good old codes:

Green: GO go go - Yellow. Slow down - Red: STOP and check in!

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